About Me

About Me - Yaroslav Kozak - Web Developer & Business Consultant

Hello I'm Yaroslav Kozak

Web Developer & Business Consultant From Lviv, Ukraine

I am a Web Developer and Tech Enthusiast with ideas to help businesses grow.  

Born in Ukraine, I have always had great plans and wanted to do as much as possible within the time I am given.

I love working with people and brands who want to tell stories that inspire us to be better. 

At the age of 17, I have moved to Greece to receive my bachelor degree in the American College of Greece (IT Major, Soft.Dev)

I have always associated myself with the IT industry and spend most of my time nowadays creating websites, learning technologies and working on projects.

However, I also enjoy exploring new things and feel great pleasure to work on my hobbies such as music, performance, and sports, develop personal projects and contribute to the open-source community. 

If You Create Something, Make It Beautiful

This is the main credo for my life. Does not matter the situation or the circumstances I always believe that the work, behavior and thoughts should be appropriate and follow this general logic.

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